Just what is a Senior Move Manager?

The profession is still relatively new – but much needed.  Senior move managers are charged with coordinating and managing the entire move for seniors who are ready to move from their homes into a retirement community.  They take a multi-faceted approach to the process that includes everything from early planning to the move itself, and finally to staging the new home.

Do you only work with Seniors?

No, not at all.  A Place In Time is happy to work with all demographics.  We’ve helped clients in all stages of life, but have developed a specialized practice of working with the Senior community.

How does APIT charge for each project?

It is difficult to determine exact costs without gathering information about the project, since each is uniquely different than the one before it.  That’s why we offer a one-hour free consultation, after which we can provide an estimate of the project cost.

Can you recommend other companies within the health-care industry for those services not included in the relocation move?

Yes.  We have an extensive network of highly-respected senior care companies and organizations that we recommend.  The best time to come to A Place In Time is early in the process because we can even assist with referring clients to experienced individuals to help them find that new home or community.

We also have trusted real estate professionals to help with the sale of your old home.  Think of A Place In Time as a single source for all your moving-related needs.

Is a move to an assisted-living community or home handled any differently than a traditional move?

Yes, because the move manager isn’t working just with the client and family, but with medical-care professionals as well.  The coordination is even more critical in these moves because the physical needs of the patient being moved are different.

Can you help with out-of-state moves?

Yes.  In addition to our local movers, we work with a large international moving company that can provide relocation services for our clients anywhere in the country, or around the world, if necessary.  We can also coordinate moves coming into Arizona, and that can include the downsizing as well.

What if I’m not ready to relocate, but just need to get organized?

We’re here for you.  Whether you’re moving, or just want more room in your current home, it’s always a good time to take stock of what has accumulated through the years, organize it, and begin the de-cluttering process.  It will take a lot of the stress out of the move if that time eventually comes.

Who decides how the down-sized items will be distributed to others?

You do. After working closely with clients through the de-cluttering and organizing process, we will consult with them on how to distribute the items.  The client always has the final say in the process.

Can members of our family help with some of the relocation process?

Yes, but it needs to be limited involvement.  Our experience over the years has shown that it can ultimately result in a higher cost for the move.  We have systems in place for maximum efficiency, designed to produce a job completion that meets our high standards for client satisfaction, and introducing outside help can actually reduce that efficiency.  There are also liability concerns to be considered when involving non-APIT personnel.

Is any job too complicated?

Not likely.  Each job is like a big puzzle when we begin…and then there are those that are more like a Rubik’s cube in their complexity. But, because we’ve experienced so many different situations, we have the ability to bring a sense of order to the most complex jobs.  And, along with that, comes peace of mind for our clients.

We offer a Complimentary Consultation, at which time we can discuss your particular situation and any concerns you may have about making such an important decision.  This will allow us to personalize and customize our services to fit the needs of you and your family.