More than 2/3 of our business has come from someone having a good experience and telling a friend or another family member. Often it’s a referral from one of our many friends and associates in the health-care field, who have a client that needs to be relocated.

They call us because they know their client will be treated like one of the family.

We have thank-you notes and letters of recommendation on file from past clients who have become our friends, people with disorganized, cluttered lives in search of organization. Some were faced with moving years of memories and no idea where to begin the process.

Those were important jobs for us. Every job we undertake is given our undivided attention and we’ve been rewarded with some wonderful new relationships.

But lately we find ourselves busy with an area of specialization that we truly love – Senior Move Management. We have lots of stories here, too, but have selected a couple of letters from recent clients that we would like to share:

Valerie and her “A Place In Time” crew moved our 88-year-old mom from a large independent-living, 2-bedroom/2-bathroom apartment to a 400-square-foot assisted-living unit. They were truly marvelous!

Valerie is such a positive force, always asking the right questions and diligently seeking the best solutions for the project. Her focus was clearly on Mom’s desires, which pleased us a great deal. She interviewed Mom about her wishes, assessed Mom’s possessions, and offered a caring and diplomatic counsel regarding the decisions to be made. She has the broad range of skills necessary for not only “making it happen,” but also for communicating with seniors who are understandably ambivalent about a change of such magnitude, and the potential loss of independence this type of move represents. Valerie knows how to pace conversations and decision-making.

On moving day, Valerie, her professional crew, and the professional movers she’d scheduled came at 10:00 am By 5:30 pm, everything was in place in Mom’s new home: dusted and cleaned, arranged as Mom would have done herself – even artwork was hung. Mom spent her first night there on that day.

We live out of town, and simply could not have helped Mom make this move ourselves. And we certainly could not have coordinated the many people and tasks required for the move. Beyond moving day, Valerie continued to use her extreme knowledge of the Phoenix area to help complete Mom’s downsizing. She has helped us identify charities for donations and has organized pickups so that Mom’s no-longer-needed things found good use.

We can’t say enough good things about her work and her service. We are especially grateful for the peace of mind Valerie created for Mom and for us. We heartily recommend her and her company to anyone helping a senior loved one relocate.

Dierck Casselman
Provincetown, MA

I don’t know where to begin to thank you and your team in all you did for me and my Aunt during her move. Trying to organize a move for my 95-year-old Aunt from 720 miles away, and on a holiday weekend, was a little more than overwhelming. Thank God that I was referred to you. You made the impossible happen, and in a super short period of time. You took an empty apartment and made it into a home. Your attention to detail was amazing. I can never thank you enough.

Tim D.
San Jose, CA

(For the Winklers, we not only organized and moved them to Portland, Ore., we also recommended a detail-cleaning specialist to prepare their home for sale, and a top real estate agent in our network of professionals to sell their Scottsdale home. Their note back to us reflects their extreme pleasure…)

Valerie – What in the heck did Loretta put in that cleaning job? I think it must have been “fairy dust”, because over the weekend, Craig collected 5 good offers and he called us today at noon and we accepted one of them. Can you believe it?!

To say that we’re pleased is an understatement…WoW! You done a good job, kid.

Donna and Bill

You went above and beyond in a big, big way – and for that you deserve a big, big thanks! You both, and your crew, have been a blessing during a very difficult time! I am ever grateful for your abundance of patience and understanding.

Mary E.
Surprise, AZ

Thank you!!!!!

It was great to know that you were there working with the movers yesterday and know that I could trust things would get accomplished correctly. My mom agreed not to be there because she knew you would be coordinating her furniture move. I can say this with certainty, she would probably not have let me take that responsibility that she let you handle yesterday.

Feel like an adopted daughter now? 

You and Gayle are a wonderful team. Easy to work with and make thoughtful decisions.
Thank you again from both my mom and me.

Diane F.
Scottsdale, AZ

My daughter and her family, who live on the east coast, had been after me for years to downsize and move closer to them. She even offered to fly out on weekends to get it done, but I knew it would take the two of us forever. Then my daughter found A Place In Time…and it was all downhill from there!

Once a decision was made to remove something, it was done, so I didn’t have to
re-think my decision, or relive a memory over and over. It was always my decision, and under my direction. And it was a luxury to do it on my time, and on my schedule.

Now, it feels wonderful to get up every day and not to have to do anything.

Sue F.
Sun Lakes, AZ

Thank you so very much for all your hard work. The apartment looks beautiful. Great job! Lee spent the first night in her apartment last night. Linda told me she was very happy with what you’ve done to transform the apartment into a home. You’re the best!

Best regards,

Jamie Flesher, RN
Legacy Home Care, LLC
Mesa, AZ

Wonderful! Everything looks great. I am very impressed with the services and personal touch you provide. Thanks for taking the pictures, this will give Sandy (daughter in Memphis) some peace of mind.

Thanks again,
Geriatric Care Manager, Mesa, AZ

(*APIT was contacted by a senior care specialist, who asked us to move the client from her home in Leisure World, Mesa, to an independent living community in the Valley.)

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you on behalf of our team for the wonderful work you did for Norm. The family was thrilled with you and your services and we are always glad to get such good feedback.
Thank you again for taking such good care of him.

The Kile Law Group, Elder Law Attorneys, Scottsdale

Thanks for everything you did for Mom and Dad. It really looks beautiful!
MaryLu can’t say enough good things about the apartment... your ability to get it all together and all the pretty stuff in place! You did good, girl, and the whole family appreciates it!

Please know we will pass the word along.

Best regards,
The Fergusons, Jonesborough, TN

(Following an intense de-cluttering and organizing project that involved many years of accumulations in his library and garage…)

I truly enjoyed working with you and Art. Y’all’s sense of humor made a tough, heart wrenching, soul-destroying exercise bearable. Thanks a bunch!

Mark B.
Scottsdale, AZ
(For the Winklers, we not only organized and moved them to Portland, Ore., we also recommended a detail-cleaning specialist to prepare their home for sale, and a top real estate agent in our network of professionals to sell their Scottsdale home.)

Valerie —- What in the heck did Loretta put in that cleaning job? I think it must have been “fairy dust”, because over the weekend, Craig collected 5 good offers and he called us today at noon and we accepted one of them. Can you believe it?!

To say that we’re pleased is an understatement…

WoW! You done a good job, kid.
Donna and Bill
Hello, Valerie,

I cannot express my appreciation enough for the fine work you and your staff did on my behalf! I am so impressed. Everything is as it should be and the night I walked in after you were there was a dream! THANK YOU! I will certainly recommend you and your service!

Irene K.
Litchfield Park, AZ
Dear Valerie,

Close friends of mine in Prescott are assisting a couple moving from Tucson to Prescott…the lady is in hospice and transferring from their Tucson home to a residential-care home in the Prescott area. I mentioned to my friends the wonderful services you provided when moving my mom, taking pictures of all her surroundings and even how the pictures and things were placed on the wall, then moving all of it and repositioning these things in her care home in Prescott.

You may hear from Terry regarding your wonderful services.

Paula L.
Waldport, Oregon
Thank you!

I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your immediate response to our resident’s needs. This was a difficult decision for her and her daughter. We were sorry to lose Sandra today, but know that this decision was in her best interest.

Call me if you need me, and thank you for your advocacy to seniors!

Rebecca Brandon, General Manager
The Citadel Senior Living, Mesa, AZ
Valerie –

Thanks for your services. We wouldn’t know where to begin, or what to do with all our STUFF if it weren’t for you. You made a very traumatic move more manageable for my parents.

Carole M.
Phoenix, AZ
Dear Valerie,

We can’t thank you enough for everything. It was totally impossible for us to accomplish this move alone. Your energy never ceased to amaze us. Please don’t forget to send me a few of your business cards. We continue to meet more and more people going into the next two buildings and would love to pass along your card to them.

Sondra & Larry
Surprise, AZ
Dear Valerie,

Thank you and your team for so much great help when we really needed it. It seemed like you were all good friends in no time! We wish God’s blessings of health and happiness on all of you and your families.

Thanks again for everything.

Jerry & Joanne G.
Surprise, AZ
Hi, Val

Claire and I just can’t thank you enough for the work you and your crew did Monday. It was nothing short of a miracle that you could begin at 9 am and by 5 pm have Mom’s physical life moved so carefully and recreated so faithfully in her new home. You never cease to amaze us!

Dierck C.

I just wanted to thank you for all you have done to make my parents’ move go smoothly. From the time I first met you at their home, I had confidence that you were there for them. It was assurance to me that I could help - but you had the plan and direction.

Laura B.
Phoenix, AZ

We offer a Complimentary Consultation, at which time we can discuss your particular situation and any concerns you may have about making such an important decision.  This will allow us to personalize and customize our services to fit the needs of you and your family.